Does your child have difficulties in walking?
Do they experience pain in their heels?

Sever’s Disease is a common cause of heel pain in developing children, especially those who are physically active. It normally occurs during the growth spurt of early puberty and can commence any time between the ages of 8-13 for girls and 10-15 for boys. During this growth spurt, the heel bone may grow faster than the leg muscles and tendons causing them to become very tight and overstretched. This causes the heel to be less flexible and puts pressure on the growth plate leading to swelling, tenderness and pain. Does your child complain of:

  • Swelling and redness in the heel,
  • Difficulty walking,
  • Discomfort/stiffness in the feet first thing in the morning,
  • Discomfort when the heel is squeezed on both sides, or
  • An unusual walk such as a limp to avoid placing force on the heel?

If so, Sever’s Disease may be present and it is time to see a Podiatrist. At Bankstown Foot Clinic, pain relief is our first goal for the treatment of Sever’s Disease. Our Podiatrists may recommend:

  • Foot and leg exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tendons
  • Elevating and applying ice to the injured heel(s) a few times a week
  • Taking an over-the-counter medication to decrease pain and swelling
  • Orthotic devices such as heel pads, heel lifts or arch supports to reduce strain and provide extra support