There are two types of Flat Feet in children – Flexible and Rigid. In Flexible Flat Feet, the arch disappears when standing but returns when not standing. Though a Flexible Flat Foot is considered to be a variation of normal because the muscles and joints still function normally, this condition can continue and worsen into adulthood. This causes significant discomfort if the arch stretches or tears.

Rigid Flat Feet, on the other hand, take place due to abnormal foot development. These are more serious than Flexible Flat Feet, and often cause more pain and discomfort.

If your child is experiencing any pain or discomfort in the ankle, foot in general, arch of the foot, the calf, the knee, the hip, the back or the general lower leg area, a biomechanical assessment with one of our Podiatrists is recommended. They will assess your child’s feet including symptoms and walking habits, and prescribe the best suited treatment options.